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about Yemaya


With deepest respect, I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Djiringanj Country in the Yuin Nation. I acknowledge their Elders Past & Present & the Young People of today, who are the Elders of the future.


I acknowledge that I live on Land owned by the Original People - Land on which the Traditional Custodians continue to have a deep Spiritual Connection to Country, Ocean, Sky, Animal, Plant & Bird. 

Sovereignty of this Land has never been ceded.

'Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land'







Born by the sea and raised in the Blue Mountains, I spent my childhood immersed in the wildness and wonders of the bush. Some years later, I found my ‘Heartland’ on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, in the Bega Valley where I now reside - on Djiringanj Country, part of the Yuin Nation.


The influences for my work emerge out of a continuous process of investigation into my natural surroundings - observing, listening, collecting and recording. I use a range of different methods  to enable me to highlight the intrinsic qualities of individual elements and life-forms. 


I frequently isolate objects from their original situation and recontexualise them. For example, I might make an assemblage of bones in repetitive patterns, or portray them in detailed drawn or painted compositions. 


Different phenomena inspire me to experiment with a range of media, including audio-visual. The unique character of a stick may be documented by recording its unpredictable behaviour as I ‘walk it’ along a gravel track, tracing the terrain. The mood of a lake can also be described by the percussion of its waters lapping against rocks. 


I use photography as a tool for deep observation of my surrounds and capturing details generally unnoticed. It is a repetitive practice that keeps my senses responsive and satisfies my need to meet familiar places with fresh eyes.


The performative arts have played a crucial role in the expansion of my work. Over the years I’ve explored Improvisational, Durational and Butoh dance forms. I incorporate performative art into my audio-visual, land-art works. Collaborations continue with fellow artists in the Bega Valley  - involving movement, spoken and written word.


Visual art teachers who have been influential in my artistic practice include; printmaker, Christine Willcocks and painters, Michael Cussack and Robyn Sweeney. In dance; choreographers, Lee Pemberton, Gabby Rose and Roslyn Crisp.


Some artists from Australia and overseas whose work and vision I find invaluable, include; Shona Wilson, Judy Watson, Emma Walker, Marion Borgelt, Nicci Haynes, Rosalie Gascoyne, Hossein Valamanesh, Marina Abramovic, Wangechi Mutu and Richard Long.






Like all creative endeavours, this website is a work in progress & will evolve over time...


For enquiries regarding purchasing artworks, please;

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